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September 23, 2011

Hybrid Hosting and Networking

Hybrid Hosting and Networking Scenarios:

The product is flexible and allows you to create complex and advanced network deployments for environments which have special requirements. These environments can be a mixture of both direct and virtual network configurations and can be combined with traditional hosting services such as dedicated servers and server/network colocation. Below are example network configurations that can be configured on the cloud product and network.

Direct and Virtual Networking combined:

You can combine the benefits of direct networking and virtual networking to build custom tailored networks. This is useful in situations where you have specific server(s) that need to be completely accessible to the Internet without being behind a virtual router or firewall, but also need access to the private virtual network where the rest of your instances reside.












Hybrid hosting with dedicated servers or server colocation: supports the integration with the 1-800-HOSTING dedicated server network. By leveraging the power and benefits of both technologies you can create high performing and secure application environments which give you both the power and security of a dedicated server environment with the scalability and reliability of the virtual servers.

The example below is typical of common requirements for both types of services. The example shows how you can build scalable web servers that can be load balanced for performance and scalability along with the benefit of being able to quickly turn-up additional web server resources on demand. These instances have an additional network added to them that allows access to the 1-800-HOSTING dedicated server network where the customer may have database and/or additional servers already deployed behind their hardware firewall.


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