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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is

A: Instance Cloud Computing is a cloud computing provider that provides scalable, reliable and high performing instances (virtual servers) which allow you to easily configure and manage your computing and network infrastructure requirements with ease.

Q: Where is Instance Cloud Computing located?

A: Instance Cloud Computing corporate offices are located in Dallas Texas, with data center locations in Dallas and Chicago. Additional locations within the US, Europe, and Asia are expected soon.

Q: What makes Instance Cloud Computing more reliable than other cloud providers?

A: Instance Cloud Computing is built with high-availability and redundancy in mind. Through a 3 tiered approach consisting of hardware redundancy, data storage, and network resiliency, is able to offer unsurpassed up-time and safe guards against common problems affecting other cloud hosting providers and those using traditional dedicated server environments. Through hardware redundancy, instances are automatically transferred to redundant compute nodes should a node experience a hardware problem, both for planned and unplanned circumstances. The ability to back up your data via data snapshots, as well as external backup solutions, allow you to store a copy of your data on separate systems, and even in different geographic locations. The network is highly redundant as you should expect from any service provider, but we take it a step further and offer the ability to load balance your instances for both performance and fail-over.

Q: How can my company benefit from cloud computing in terms of cost and contractual obligations?

A: The Instance Cloud Computing product is built around the “pay for what you use” model. No longer do you need to deploy and pay for an entire server, when you only need a fraction of the power. You can scale your computing power and resources as demand dictates, thus saving you the costs of paying for capacity you are not using. You can deploy or re-size instances whenever needed  to handle peak traffic conditions and then turn them off when traffic subsides. Should you have more permanent needs, deploying instances on a monthly plan affords you a reduced rate and consistent pricing. There are no term contract to worry about and you can choose the payment model that works best for you or switch the payment model at any time.

Q: If I am not using my instance, do I still have to pay for it?

A: If you are using the “pay for what you use” model, you will only be charged a nominal fee for the disk space associated with any data disk you have created and which to retain, as well as the space the base instance volume requires should you chose to retain that as well. If you are signed up on a fix monthly plan model then you are charged a flat monthly rate regardless of usage.

Q: My instance’s base disk or partition is too small for my needs. How do I get more space?

A: You can add more space easily from within the portals Storage section by adding a new volume. From there you can easily select what size disk you need and attach it to your instance as a secondary disk/volume.

Q: I like this whole cloud idea and want to try it out, but I still am not comfortable with transitioning everything to the cloud. How can Instance Cloud Computing help?

A: We understand that running your business on new technology can be a frightening proposition, especially for those more familiar with the physical server environment. Rest assured that the underlying technology that powers the cloud has been around for many years. We’ve just managed to make it easy and accessible to you in a cost effective and reliable manner. Additionally, the cloud can support what is known as a hybrid approach. This allows you to leverage the benefits of traditional servers, with the power and scalability of the cloud through it’s advanced network integration features. also offers dedicated servers through it’s partner provider.

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