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Load balancing, automated failover and automated snapshots are included with every instance.

The cloud advanced networking and load balancing capabilities allow you to build complex virtual networking configurations and deploy your networks with ease. Horizontal and vertical scaling means you can grow a single instance as large as you need to keep up with expanding traffic, or create as many instances as you need to keep your sites humming.

Our snapshot feature creates virtual backup points – so if your system crashes mid-project, you can reboot and restore, not rage against the machine. If you have similar instances to deploy, our template feature lets you customize a configuration to use again and again, saving you time, resources and energy.

We also have a user-friendly portal, which allows you to get in, set up and jump start your cloud computing project now, not an hour from now. We’ve got all of that plus no set up fees and a pricing structure that lets you either pay as you go or select a fixed monthly cost to keep your budget in check. Choose the features you really need and kick your web presence into high gear right now.


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Top Reasons

- Servers in Minutes

- Pay For What You Use

- Automatic Failover

- High Availability

- Scale On Demand

- Scheduled Snapshots

- Offsite Storage

- Load Balancing

- Live 24/7/365 Support

- Robust Template Library