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Start Small. End Big.

The Cloud is elastic by nature. You can scale your applications and services as demand dictates both vertically and horizontally to accommodate the ever increasing demands on your application.

Vertical Scaling

  • We expand as you do. Start with what you need and grow as your needs dictate. You can increase your instance resources from as little as you need to as large as is offered. This saves the costly service charges and time associated with upgrading or adding additional physical servers, disk storage or RAM. Expecting an increase in traffic for a short period? Upgrade the resources of your instances easily from within the customer portal as needed, and then scale back when traffic subsides to reduceĀ  costs.

Vertical Scaling








Horizontal Scaling

  • Start with one, scale to many. Often demand dictates computing power greater than that of what one compute node can provide. With the power of being able to scale your application horizontally you can scale your service to as many instances as you require. All of this can be automated using our developer API and template features, or manually in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to deploy additional servers. Combine this with our load balancing and virtual networking features to create insanely powerful environments.

Horizontal Scaling


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- Servers in Minutes

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- Automatic Failover

- High Availability

- Scale On Demand

- Scheduled Snapshots

- Offsite Storage

- Load Balancing

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