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Diversity is a good thing, and it’s even better with us. Store your data in geographically diverse locations to safeguard against data loss or service interruption. Hurricanes in the east, earthquakes in the West, blizzards in the north, searing heat in the South? Not a problem, your entire environment can be backed up and restored from an off-site location if need be. And if it’s you who needs evacuating, you’ll still be able to deploy live instances from wherever you land.

There are lots of scenarios that could make Geo diversity of your data extremely important but let’s take a look at an earthquake. While most data centers built in earthquake zones are fortified to withstand substantial movement, there is no guarantee that things will continue to function as normal. For example if the main power grid is affected, you would automatically assume that the UPS system kicked on while the generators were starting. So now you’re running on generator power and that’s great but depending on the severity of the disaster, the generators will eventually need refueling. If that becomes the case, you have to make an assumption that roads are passable, trucks are available, the main fuel storage facilities survived undamaged and conditions will allow for remote refueling contracts to be fulfilled. In a worst-case scenario that could be asking a lot.

If your instances were backed up to a location on the other side of the country or the globe, those instances can be spun up on our clouds located in those alternate locations. If it sounds really easy, that’s because it is. If your snapshots were instructed to run at predetermined intervals or had been run manually and redirected to geographically diverse locations, your entire environment could remain intact and easily recoverable in the face of a catastrophic disaster.

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Another great example of utilizing Geo diversity it simply for peace of mind. Imagine for a moment that you are provided with the ability to back up your entire environment or individual instances in their entirety to your office or better yet, directly to your personal computer. This might seem a bit extreme but to physically possess that data provides an unparalleled level of control for you to tap into when you consider your disaster recovery plans.

California may have just slid off into the sea, but you’re a superhero because you were smart enough to take advantage of our Geo diversity options and made multiple off-site backups of the data.

These are just a couple examples and while Geo diversity is not for everyone, if you need the ultimate in disaster recovery and the ability to restore from the worst-case scenario, it’s very likely that it’s for you.

Currently Geo diversity options are scheduled for Q4 2012 launch.



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