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Auto Failover Included. Without Fail.

Frantic phone calls to IT are no longer necessary as our (HA) high-availability automatically migrates your instances to other available resources in the even of a failure. Used in conjunction with our load balancing feature, you have the flexibility to direct traffic to other instances as needed. Our network and data centers have high availability as well, so sleep well.

The process is simple but the results are astounding. When you have the (HA) high-availability option enabled on your instances, our vigilant controllers will instantly detect any hardware failures in our cloud and automatically migrate any affected instances to ready, willing and stable resources. Your instances will automatically spin up on alternate resources without any intervention from you or from our technical support team. Our administrators will be well aware of the failure and after all affected instances are migrated, address the failure and quickly restore the repaired resource to the cloud.

Hi Availability migration












If you are extremely budget conscious or don’t require that level of automated fail-over you can simply select the local storage option and automated snapshots to protect against any hardware failure. Recovering from this type of scenario is very simple but not automated since you will have to manually restore the snapshot. In most cases this can be done within a few minutes and depending on the size of your instances, could even take less than a minute to complete. This is an excellent way to save money without compromising your data, and still sleep well at night.

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- Servers in Minutes

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- Automatic Failover

- High Availability

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- Scheduled Snapshots

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- Load Balancing

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