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Feel like a pro in no time with our easy to use portal which offers a variety of features for even the most demanding requirements. Deploy new instances and manage existing ones; create snapshots, templates and load balancing configurations and manage your ISOs with our intuitive interface. Troubleshoot via web-based console access to specific instances, attach data disks to your instances and configure VPN services. The portal dashboard also lets you view current service status and history log.


  • Dashboard for viewing current service status
  • Deploy new instances
  • Manage (start/stop/remove) existing instances
  • Web based console access to the instance for troubleshooting and/or security
  • Create snapshots of instances and volumes
  • Attach data disks to instances
  • Add additional IP addresses
  • Create port forward and load balancing configurations
  • Configure VPN services
  • Manage ISOs and create templates
  • View log of actions



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Top Reasons

- Servers in Minutes

- Pay For What You Use

- Automatic Failover

- High Availability

- Scale On Demand

- Scheduled Snapshots

- Offsite Storage

- Load Balancing

- Live 24/7/365 Support

- Robust Template Library