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A Virtual Safety Deposit Box.

Is redundancy or performance more important to you? Why should you have to chose when we can give you both and meet your needs no matter the answer. offers two types of storage to run your instances on. Each has their own benefits to consider when selecting which is right for you.

Local Storage

Local Storage runs your instances and stores your data on the physical machine running them, which can increase disk performance and lower cost. This is ideal for deployment in high disk I/O environments where you have multiple instances performing the same function. Our snapshots feature has your back in case of service interruption.

SAN Storage

Instances running on SAN Storage (HA) offer a highly available environment and feature automated data and O/S migration from a failing computer node to an available standby, giving you peace of mind as your site traffic multiplies. These instances offer the greatest redundancy.

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Top Reasons

- Servers in Minutes

- Pay For What You Use

- Automatic Failover

- High Availability

- Scale On Demand

- Scheduled Snapshots

- Offsite Storage

- Load Balancing

- Live 24/7/365 Support

- Robust Template Library