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Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Beta

Instance Cloud Computing is officially released in a beta status. This is done for the benefit of our clients to allow exposure to, and testing of, the service and to be better prepared for the production release. This also allows us to perform testing of configuration and technical support for the service to be better prepared to support its official production release and corresponding service level agreement. Beta release services will be fully supported on production servers, however we encourage our users to take extra precautions to safeguard their data as would anyone who was testing a service in beta release.

We do not recommend that any critical service or applications utilize beta release services unless precautions have been made in advance by the client, above and beyond those provided by us, to address any potential catastrophic or other failures that could result in downtime or loss of data.

Because of the nature of beta services, we cannot guarantee any specific level of service availability for applications utilizing these services. There also may be times that part or all of the operating systems, application, or other programs need to be deleted and reconfigured which may possibly result in data and configuration loss. There may be other issues including but not limited to security vulnerabilities, stability or performance issues and functional problems that we are unaware of, or unable to address without further testing. Clients agree and accept that we will not be responsible for any impact of these or other issues you may encounter when using our beta release services.

Beta release services will also be upgraded to newer versions as they become available. We will attempt to provide our clients with notice prior to upgrades, but this will not be possible in all situations. Depending on what changes have been implemented into the new version of the service, the upgrade may require a complete system rebuild and reconfiguration, resulting in extended unavailability of the application, or the deployment could cause application compatibility issues resulting in the requirement of client to adjust their code or use of the service to maintain functionality.

Instance Cloud Computing will provide snapshots and templates for backup and recovery purposes but we encourage our clients to not rely on these solely as a means to recover sensitive or critical data they might have running on our beta release Cloud Computing service.

Top Reasons

- Intuitive Cloud Portal

- Browser Based Control

- Scalable Server Instances

- Windows or Linux

- Ultra Fast Storage

- Even Faster Network

- Virtual Networking

- Load Balancing

- Hybrid Hosting Available

- Database Friendly