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Hybrid Hosting. The best of both worlds.

We love the cloud but realize there are some situations that call for traditional dedicated servers or managed servers. If you have a large database with high level I/O requirements, dedicated servers with lightening fast SCSI drives may be a better solution. Or perhaps you have have extremely high disk storage requirements and prefer to utilize a dedicated SAN or server. Or maybe you’re still learning about the cloud and aren’t quite sure you want to fully migrate.

Tell us what you need and we’ll offer suggestions on how to make it happen. Combining cloud computing with more traditional forms of hosting could be a perfect fit for you. The cloud has the flexibility and capabilities to integrate with a number of networks and traditional server architectures.

This example configuration shows how you can leverage the power of the cloud for applications servers deployed as your traffic levels dictate, that integrate with your database servers hosted on the 1-800-HOSTING server network.





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Top Reasons

- Intuitive Cloud Portal

- Browser Based Control

- Scalable Server Instances

- Windows or Linux

- Ultra Fast Storage

- Even Faster Network

- Virtual Networking

- Load Balancing

- Hybrid Hosting Available

- Database Friendly