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Faster than a speeding bullet.

Say you launch a financial services start-up and after months of chugging along you get your shot at the big time. A national network tweets your opinion about a news-making public figure in the financial world. You go from hard-working suit-and-tie guy to Twitter’s trending topic before the day is done. Your site gets bombarded (yay!) but your traditional servers can’t handle the pressure and the entire site goes down in flames (boo!). By the time you realize the bad news, your time in the spotlight is over.

More powerful than a locomotive.

By the time more servers  are deployed, traffic will have waned. With Instance Cloud Computing you simply log into your portal and increase capacity to account for the demand. Our speed of provisioning lets you balance your loads and deploy additional services in minutes, instead of hours or days.

  • Setup your account in minutes
  • Deploy new instances in minutes instead of hours, days, or even weeks
  • Instantly add storage as needed
  • Deploy additional network resources such as additional IP addresses
  • Add load balancing services on demand
  • You have the ability to perform these functions from any web browser
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Top Reasons

- Intuitive Cloud Portal

- Browser Based Control

- Scalable Server Instances

- Windows or Linux

- Ultra Fast Storage

- Even Faster Network

- Virtual Networking

- Load Balancing

- Hybrid Hosting Available

- Database Friendly